Dorn's Services

Residential Propane

We can handle any of your propane needs this includes tank set up, gas line installation, and fuel deliveries.

Dorn's offers many different pricing options which includes day to day pricing, locked in pricing, prepay, as well as budget payment options.

Our state of the art routing system sets us apart from competitors as we provide a "never run out guarantee" for routed customers where if you do run out we will give you $50.00 credit towards your account.

24/7 live answering service, when you call you will always talk to a customer care representative and get the answers you need in a timely fashion.

Commercial Propane

Dorn's is equipped to take care of all commercial propane needs which includes:
  • Forklift fuel stations
  • Oil Wells
  • Propane pumps and motors
  • 24/7 live answering service

Agricultural Propane

Dorn's is equipped to handle all of your agricultural propane needs which include:
  • Forklift fuel
  • Weed burners
  • Deep well irrigation pumps
  • Poultry brooders
  • Design and install centralized propane system for frost protection
  • Wind machines

Fuel Pricing


Normal Daily Pricing

Price is determined by prevailing market price at time of delivery.



This is simply a firm price for a year's required propane with normal payment terms ending each June 30. Contracts must be on routed-keep full basis and balance kept current and are offered every July as an option to normal.



This is pre-paid in full for an estimate years required number of gallons ending June 30. Contracts must be on routed-keep full basis and are offered every July as an option to normal daily pricing.

* When fuel is purchased either by "Normal Daily Pricing" or "Paid as Delivered Contract", there is a discount of three cent/gallon when the bill is paid in full by the 15th of the month following purchase (as shown on the statement).

Additional Information


After credit approval, terms are: net due and payable on the 15th of the month following purchase. Finance charges will be added at the time of closing the following month. There is a three cent/gallon discount that may be deducted, as shown on the statement, when balance is paid in full by the 15th of the month following purchase.

When requested, a budget billing plan can be instituted to allow the customer to make equal monthly payments. There will be no finance charges provided payments are current within the terms of this agreement. Periodic adjustment of terms may be necessary.


Dorn's Gas sells and rents tanks.

Rental Rates are:

$50 per Year - 250 Gallon Tank

$70 per Year - 500 Gallon Tank

Rental fees are billed in two equal payments in six month intervals unless otherwise requested.


Dorn's Gas has a complete service department capable of installation and repair of gas systems.

Operational Safety

Regulatory Compliance

The Regulatory compliance charge represents only a portion of the cost of meeting the requirements of regulatory mandates imposed by federal, state and local governments. Historically, the Propane industry has not been subject to an overwhelming amount of government regulation. However, the past years there has been a steady increase in regulatory and reporting requirements be over a dozen regulatory authorities.

All of us at Dorn's Gas are very concerned with the safety of our operation, the safe handling of all our products and the safe and effective use of those products by our valued customers. To meet this challenge and to comply with the ever increasing lever of regulation, we have increased our on going training activities and added additional personnel and equipment to insure the dependable service you expect and deserve.

Better Business Bureau California Citrus Mutual California Poultry Federation
Mandatory Requirements

Listed below are just of a few of the more recent mandatory requirements affecting the propane industry.

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation Compliance
  • Employee Training & Driver Qualification
  • Hazardous Material Training & Certification
  • Tier I & Tier 2 Reporting
  • Employee Certification & record keeping.
  • Environmental Protection Regulations Equipment testing
  • Inventory and price reporting to Governmental agencies
  • Hazardous material monitoring and cleanup Funds
  • Delivery equipment inspections
  • Drug testing (annually and Randomly)
  • Remote control shutdown system on delivery equipment and storage tanks
  • Passive shutdown system
  • Emergency planning & response
  • O.S.H.A hazardous communication compliance
  • Additional Services

    Our Service Areas

    The Dorn's Gas service area goes as far North as Madera, as far East as Sanger, as far South as Corcoran, and West to Coalinga. We have multiple storage locations in all areas of the central valley.